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Angel Healing


I'm a Level 4 Certified Angelic Practitioner trained under Debbie Boyle of Angelic Connections. I'm  a fully trained and registered volunteer community first responder (under the National Ambulance Service) for cardiac arrests, stroke and choking incidents in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. In November I will be furthering my training as an Advanced Community First Responder with DX2 Training in Swords. 


I've been rescuing animals and people since I was five years old and have always felt I was "different" to other children not fully understanding why until I trained as an Angel Healer and met other people like me who have seen or experienced angels and have lived their life in service to their community- always giving.  Training as an Angel Healer taught me how to set boundaries and protective techniques around being an empath as well as a rescuer.

In 2001 I graduated from NUI Maynooth with an Honour's Degree in French and Spanish, a Higher National Diploma in Advanced Dance from Bray Institute of Further Education and in 2010 I gained a Master's Degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.  This year I received a Diploma Certificate in Psychic Angel Oracle Readings to support my clients with Psychic Angel & Druid Oracle guidance.  I've also worked as a  Bellydancing Teacher, Space Clearing Practitioner and Laughter Yoga Facilitator.

I'm a Children's Author, Linguist, Singer, Mother of 2 boys, Owner of a Staffie/Labrador, an Artist and a wife. My Holy Angels, Our Blessed Lady and Jesus my Friend helps me continually. 

I have been healing people for over 3 years and have over 40 hours angel healing practice as well as Space Clearing experience .  My 600 hours of Clinical Practice in Dance Movement Psychotherapy included assisting older people with Alzheimer's in a nursing home and worked with children of all ages.  Dance Movement Psychotherapy is also very spiritual and holistic and complements the Angelic Energy Healing sessions. 

For the past 15 years I've been teaching women and girls bellydancing: connecting communities in solidarity and love.  I've been minding children for over 25 years which  means I've had children in my care from the age of 13!  Is it any wonder the faery energies of the Sídhe and The Flower Faeries often pay my clients a visit during healing sessions!  I love their light-hearted, child-like and gentle nature and I've been told by many I have a very kind and loving approach when healing. 

I have over 16 years teaching experience of English as a Foreign Language and I speak French, Spanish and a bit of Gaelic and some Portuguese.  In the past I have received and sometimes still receive very specific Channelled Information form the Highest Angelic Frequencies that comes through as Nordic languages, Sanskrit, New Languages as well as Sacred Geometry insights for clients when working with Archangel Raziel for example. 

It's not uncommon for me to have prophetic visions and dream-work is part of all of my healing interactions.  In certain circumstances it is necessary and an honour to return Earth bound spirits to the Christ Light.   This would always be with the consent and prior knowledge of my clients but more often than not for many to be complete unaware that earthbound spirits are around us.  They can never harm us but can bring a heavy energy to a space or person.  I always follow Protective Angelic healing boundaries before and after each session to ensure only the most loving angelic beings and ascended masters are present for this ritual.  

I love chatting to people and listening to their stories.  Each person's story is important and my work with people has taught me that all we really want in life is to be loved, to be remembered, to feel heard and to know that our lives matter. With some clients I bring in automatic writing, crystals, essential oils, palo santo incense, white sage, colours and suggestions if appropriate.  I'm a firm advocate of a healthy diet and exercise routine, natural childbirth practices  as well as continuing with whatever medications or support services your doctor, psychiatrist or herbalist have prescribed for you. 

I have facilitated and taught many different groups of all ages and backgrounds over the past 16 years with life experience of many other modalities.   I sang in a church Folk Group, play the piano and believe in the healing power of music and sound. 

My Master's Degree led me to research the benefits of Dance Movement Psychotherapy for creating and maintaining the bond between incarcerated mothers and their infants. As Dance Movement Psychotherapist Bonnie Meekums said:

"When a mother and child move in sync the world makes sense it become predictable organised and safe." 

That to me is the relationship I have with my own Healing Team of Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides.  When we allow them assist us our life flows.  Even through turmoil they help us find peace in the storm.

It would be an honour and privilege to offer you angel healing or any other fantastic selection of services and classes I provide . Please contact me through my website or phone number provided.

Love and Light 

JuniperJade x

Contact me on this website through the web enquiry form or


Tel: +353 89 4749779

Facebook: Juniper Jade Angel Healer

Services Offered
*Concessions available for Senior Citizens and children
*Easy-pay price plans available 

Angelic Energy Healing 

1 hour     


Senior Citizens/Children under 17 years

 Angelic Energy Healing


1 hour 

*Children must be accompanied by an adult


Psychic Angel Oracle Tarot readings​                    

Psychic Druid Oracle Tarot readings

mini single-card reading: 20 minutes                          €20

3 card Triune spread: 30 minutes                                 €60*

3 card Triune spread: 60 minutes                                 €100*

Space Clearing of your space or home               €80*

* one session is usually enough to clear unwanted energy

from your space. 


Each session takes approximately 1 hour and one "gua"

or space is cleared. This has a positive knock-on effect on the whole house or space.

Combination of Feng Shui, Angelic Energy Clearance

techniques, crystals, sound, colours, movement, practical

de-cluttering advice and assistance, aftercare advice, white sage/palo santo, burning of essential oils such as white

camphor and wintergreen as well as light dusting, returning

earth bound spirits to light (if requested by client) and

grounding techniques


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