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My multi-modal approach to Angelic Energy Healing brings about many health benefits. First there is a brief consultation with each client to find out what their immediate healing needs are.  A client intake form and confidentiality agreement is filled out.  You can then either sit or lie down on the treatment plinth or a comfortable chair and it's helpful to remove your shoes.  I also briefly go through a general well being form to keep track of your progress.  I scan the client's aura for any blockages on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level all the while holding a non-judgmental space for you.   Aftercare advice and continued support are included in the treatment costs.  If you are need of Angelic Energy Healing and  money is an issue get in touch with me and we can come to an arrangement.  Don't let that be another block to recovery and enlightenment.    

Often an Archangel comes in (energetically) to assist with the healing as well as many other Higher Energy Frequencies as the Christ or Buddha energies, Elemental Earth Energies such as Tuatha Dé Danann, Angelic Faery Energies like the Sídhe, Goddess Brigid of the Good God Danu/St. Brigid, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters or Saints  who you may already know you have a natural connection or devotion to. Angelic Energy Healing is Multi-denominational and I welcome all ethnicities, cultures and religious beliefs and no religions.  I have a deep connection with who I call The Blessed Virgin Mary but I'm happy to call her Sacred Divine Goddess if this name resonates more with you.

I am a channel for the Angelic Energy and the Christ Light.  The Angels and Celestial frequencies work through me but you are also healing yourself.  Everyone can tap into their natural ability to heal themselves with assistance from the powerful healing abilities of the Angels who Love and Protect you.  I assist you activate your sacred divine light or your inner connection to your own Divine Soul Source.  We can lose our ability to see our Truth (that we are all wonderful) due to blocks caused by grief, suffering, trauma, the harshness of this world or an archaic pattern that has been handed down to us from generation to generation.   Everyone is unique and you will heal when you are ready.  You must also give permission to heal as we all have free will.

It's also possible you may be holding the negative energy or thoughts of someone else.  Rest assured the Angels have got you in the palms of their hands and they will raise you up like they helped me.  The Angelic Energy healing is awesome, humbling and always positive.  You may feel sleepy or emotional afterwards and plenty of water is necessary.  Put your feet up at home and take a nap if you need to.  Depending on your needs you may also get a burst of newfound energy.  You will be more aware of your emotions too and can help you self-regulate and cope with life's daily challenges.  It is always advisable to continue seeing your G.P. and any medication you have been prescribed.  However my clients have often reported being able to lower their dependence on certain medications/and/or substances such as alcohol/cigarettes for example in consultation with their doctor after commencing a course of angelic energy healing.  I would highly recommend booking an appointment with a registered herbalist or holistic nutritionist to discuss any improvements that can be made to your diet in conjunction with the Angelic Energy Healing.  The Angels want you to pamper your body by eating nutritious, healthful foods that suit your constitution as well as looking after your amazing body with daily exercise in whatever form you enjoy.   Any obstacles a client has with living a healthier lifestyle are another aspect the Angels love helping and supporting you with. 

There are many benefits of Angelic Energy Healing. After an Angelic Energy Healing session, you feel a sense of calm, more positive and less worried about certain aspects of your life. You feel at peace with your inner self, wherever you are at that moment.  The Angels of Holy Light and Love are trying to help you get rid of any problems that might be troubling you. My clients have told me they feel more, relaxed or tearful (this is good-a release of serotonin!!).  It all depends on what your needs are and where you are at in your spiritual growth in relation to your Soul's Divine Path and Divine Timing.  Everything is as it should be in the here and now.  I always ground each client sufficiently so as to integrate the healing but also to bring your awareness back into your body.  The Sacred Heart of Holy Mother Earth Gaia and the Earth Plugs of Archangel Uriel are often invoked for this grounding technique.

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