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The Dance of Fertility or Raqs Sharqi is also called Bellydance, Oriental Dance or Middle Eastern Dance.


Bellydance is a 17,000 year old sacred art form to be respected and eloquently performed.   This dance comes from the pre-Islamic tradition.  It's true that is has had many changes over the centuries and often misrepresented.

It is now widely accepted by many dance scholars as having originated as a fertility or Goddess worshipping dance in North Africa as well as Mesopotamia as it was called so many centuries ago. 


I'm a firm advocate of an active childbirth and have used bellydance, yoga, pilates and active birthing positions throughout my whole pregnancy and in the labour ward on both my own pregnancies to bring about a faster, drug-free childbirth and female empowerment as it works with rather than against a woman's bone and muscle structure.  

Bellydance is the best known exercise for women; by women.


New monthly wellbeing half day retreat

prices and location to be announced



45 minutes Bellydance Basics

45 minutes Laughter Yoga Therapy

45 minutes Embodiment

30 minutes Angel Meditation 

Lunch included

Minimum of 10 people for wellbeing workshop

Dance of Fertility Workshops

Group bookings or 1:1 or with a partner

Increase your fertility in mind, body and spirit.  Embrace a drug-free, shorter labour. 

2 hour group workshop         

€45 per person (Minimum of 4 participants) 

1:1 private session       €80

Active Birthing Bellydance Workshops

Group Bookings or 1:1 or with a partner

2 hour workshop         €45 per person (Minimum of 4 participants) 

1:1 private session      €80

JuniperJade also has over 14 years 

experience as a bellydancer 

holding a Master's Degree in Dance 

Movement Psychotherapy and a Higher National Diploma in Advanced Dance

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